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“This is second time I brought my silver beast to Tang and Hoa. They really know what they are doing. They even corrected some of the diagnosis that the dealer couldn’t pinpoint. They are the best troubleshooters at a great fair price.

If you have a BMW and it ran out of warranty, this is a place for all your repair and troubleshooting advice. You also can learn thing or two about your car if you ask them.”

-Frank H.

“My 2006 BMW battery died last sunday and I had to call AAA for jump start. They asked me to replace the battery but however AAA doesn’t carry BMW batteries. I called the south bay independant on Monday morning – he took the battery # and brought it from the dealer. Called the AAA again for jump start and got the job done in 30mins at south bay . Total cost of battery change was : $263 .  $199 for battery and rest taxes and labor.”


– Mohamed J.

“Are you a female who drives an out-of-warranty BMW but don’t have a car-savvy bf or daddy close by to take care of issues? If you are, you’ll be glad you found this place!


I’ve gone to Tang and Hoa 3 times this year, each time for something minor, but I knew I’d have to pay twice as much or more if I brought my car to the dealership. Sure I don’t get free coffee and croissants here, and the waiting room is more like a chair against the wall, but I trust them way more than fancy pants dealerships. They ONLY fix Beemers and they’ve been doing it for a long time.

They don’t always answer their phones, and after trial and error I think late morning is a good time to call, and mid-week are their less busy days. If you’re really desperate, you can show up at their garage by 8:30am when they open.”

– Cathy Z.

“My first time visit with my just out of warranty BMW.


I’m sure you must have a friend who’s seriously into cars.  They could tell you everything about cars and talk all day about cars.  That is the friend that referred me to Tang and Hoa and I’m so thankful he did as I know his wife owns a BMW.

This is my experience:

–  These guys are brutally honest.
–  They know their BMWs.
–  Just like my dad used to tell me you can judge a restaurant by the customers, same scenario here.  While I was waiting, there was an obvious regular customer who came in for a brake job that brought some croissants and coffee for Tang and Hoa and offered me food as well.  I will bring some food next time as well.
–  Tang also noticed my work badge and asked if I knew another regular customer that worked at my place.  I did.  And I know that he was into car racing as a hobby.  Tang told me that guy, his wife, and his sister were also regular customers.
–  Tang and Hoa actually converse with you while they are working on cars and not just about car stuff.  Really friendly guys.  You want to invite these guys to dinner or something.
–  I am never going to another BMW car repair shop ever again.  I am actually looking forward to when my service light comes on.
–  The friend who referred me to this place essentially advised me in a nice way, ‘You’re an idiot to not go to Tang and Hoa.’  I concur.”

– James M.

“I’ve taken my 328i to Tang and Hoa three times now, and I have to agree with all the other reviewers — these guys are the best. Not only are they MUCH cheaper than the dealers, they are very, very honest. How often does a mechanic tell you, when asked about a specific type of repair (that the dealer told me I should have), “I’ll do that if you really want, but it’s not necessary at this time.” I mean, wow, they turn down work if it’s not actually needed! That’s such an amazing, revolutionary concept in the auto repair industry.


Finally, their work is solid. In the 3+ years I’ve been seeing them, my 14-year old BMW has been running very smoothly. And that’s the most important thing of all.”

-Virginia R.

“These gentlemen have taken care of my BMW for the past 5 years. They are honest and have always fixed my car so I don’t have to continue to visit them frequently in the future. Tang and Hoa are the best in the area”


-Michael K.

“I started coming here in 1998 when I had my first BMW. I was just a kid and didn’t have all the tools to complete the work I started, nor the money to pay a shop to do it. Hoa was generous enough to let me use the tools I needed. Ever since this is the only place me, or anybody in my family, has had their BMW serviced.


A couple of times we’ve had to take a car a closer mechanic. Each time we were given large obviously inflated quotes and decided to make it out to Gardena instead. Each time the actual work needed was fractions of what we were quoted elsewhere.

I have literally been told by other mechanics that the service will run over $1,500 and then Hoa laughed and said it would be less than $200.

The shop isn’t very big nor is it very fancy. But it is the best place in So Cal to have your BMW serviced. These guys have to be the most honest mechanics on earth which is refreshing after all scammers out there.”

-Jeffrey P.

“I’ve been taking my 99 BMW M3 to Hoa and Tang since 2003. I found them through an online search in which the BMW CCA highly recommended them, and in the years I took my car to them I was always very happy.


Besides being experts and BMW enthusiasts, Hoa and Tang are very honest people. There were a few times for convenience reasons I couldn’t take my car to them and had it serviced at dealerships closer to work. Those shops always recommended work that seemed puzzling to me and after bringing my car to Hoa and having him inspect it, he’d usually tell me, “it’s fine, you don’t need to do that”.

Part of my M3’s standard service were the infamous inspection I and inspection II services. These are full service inspections that BMW schedules every 20-30K miles depending on the car. Each costs $750. However, Hoa and Tang insist that inspection I isn’t even necessary and they only charge $450 for inspection II which means you save $950 compared to a dealership.

Although they are performance tuners as well, because of their experience in this field and with prepping race cars for CCA members they would occasionally steer me away from certain mods because they would shorten the life of the car. These guys are NOT just parts changers like other shops, they care about BMWs and their customers.

I would always discuss future mods with Hoa and we would always group them together so that multiple mods in one part of a car could be tackled all at once thus saving cash on labor.

Alas, my M3 was totaled in a parking lot while I was at a restaurant and I’m driving a Honda now. I will miss these guys, but I hope I can help them to have a thriving business for many years.”

-Dean Y.

“I have been taking my car to them since 2006. I knew Tang from when he worked in West Los Angeles but I trust them both. I have a 1985 535i and it’s my baby. My car drove on the original engine for almost 350K miles – yes, 350 thousand miles. The motor eventually died and these guys tried what they could to keep her going.


I just had a motor replaced in it, so they will see it again next week. I may use some else to install it (takes too long for Hoa and Tang to do it as they have many other customers) but I only trust them to sign off on it.

This is the place that you want to take your Beemer!!”
-Nattineque M.

“This place is the BEST!! These guys are why I buy BMWs because I know I have honest expert care for the car after the warranty is over. I’ve been using this repair shop for 7 years!! Hoa and Thang are great, I love these guys!! These guys know the BMW engine like the back of their hand. These are the only cars they work with and drive themselves.


I moved to San Francisco and whenever I go back to LA to visit family I take it in to get looked over and checked. Sometimes they find nothing wrong and I go on my marry way not paying a dime for the diagnostic that they do. Most places will charge 120$ just to look at the problem.

As a woman I appreciate them showing me whats wrong with the car, I get to look under the hood and see what they are doing. I’ll bring my car in and depending on the job I don’t have to wait 2 or 3 days for the car to be fixed!! More like a 2 or 3 hour wait. There are no other mechanics I would ever want to take my BMW to!! These guys ROCK!!”

-Charlene L.

“These guys are serious BMW enthusiasts and know their cars. Since moving from San Diego I didn’t want to take my car to the dealers because I would be overcharged and a lot of mystery ailments would be found on my car that HAD and NEEDED to be fixed now, of course at an exceedingly high price.


I found these guys right down the street from where I live and they took care of the Black Widow for me. The first time I went was for an oil change and basic service, not bad at $70. The next time in was because my A/C had developed a leak and a radiator hose had developed a leak. They charged me almost 50% less than what the dealer would have charged and got it done in about 5 hours.

The Black Widow and myself are happy again!!”

-Repollo G.

“I’ve been using SBI for about 5 years now ever since I came across my e30 M3. When I bought it I found out that the previous owner had taken their car there and my engine needed a rebuild about two weeks after I bought the car and SBI took care of the build. This car is my baby and my track car at the same time and SBI has been there every step of the way to make sure the car does what I want it to do. Anytime I have a question I just give Hoa at SBI a call and he gives me his honest and knowledgeable opinion about everything related to BMW’s.


Although I live way down in Irvine now I still won’t take my car anywhere other than SBI in Gardena even if it is a 40 minute drive. That’s how good these guys are and how impossible it is to find anyone even close to their caliber.”

-Andrew L.

“They are true experts. Honest and helpful. Very reasonable with repair costs, and always go above and beyond for customer service with great tips and recommendations. The shop looks dingy and small, but it’s always my first and only stop shop for all repairs.”


-Christine C.

“I just left SBI and wow!, what a great service. I took my e60 in to get a diagnostic and HOA went over and beyond to figure out whats wrong with my car. New diagnostic high end computer. SBI service was very honest, reliable and scam free. I will definitely come back again. Anybody looking for a BMW independent car service in southbay area SBI is the place to go to. Thanks SBI!”


-Elnan R.

“These guys are not only very good at what they do, they try to save you as much money as possible. Their business plan is very simply — deliver excellent service at reasonable prices, and customers come back! I recently had a cooland leak which is due to a faulty water pump. They asked me to check my records to determine whether the water pump was replaced less than two years ago, which it was (by Southbay BMW who charged me a whopping $800 to replace that pump in the first place), and if so I can get it replaced under warranty at Southbay BMW. Good thing I save all the records and good thing they were so honest! they even offered to drop off my car at Southbay for the warranty service so that I wouldn’t have to make the extra trip! Highly recommended.”


-David Y.

“this is the best place for bmws no questions asked. hoa really knows his stuff and he will be very honest with what you should do with your car and the prices are way better than the dealership.”


-Mark G.

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